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One Last Hurrah from the Monkeys

July 15, 2008

It occurs to me that some might like the entire Monkey Alphabet in a PC Stitch file.

Or that some might like just the monkeys in a PC Stitch file so they can use them on their own alphabet or perhaps in another setting (the observant may have noted that there were 26 different monkeys – the differences might have been small, but each was different!).

So, for a short time (I haven’t decided yet for how long), leave a comment telling me which you would like – the alphabet, just the monkeys, or both – and I will email the PC Stitch Standard file(s) to you. All the usual legal copy write stuff – please acknowledge my work, don’t post the patterns elsewhere (direct your friends to this site, please, so they can get their own copy), or claim them as your own. You may stitch the monkeys for yourself, for gifts, or charitable works, but if you want to sell a stitched piece containing them, please ask my permission (I’m pretty easy-going, but I value politeness – lol!) And if you do stitch one or more – I’d love a picture!


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It’s the end of the Monkeys :-( W X Y Z

July 5, 2008
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Here are the last letters for the monkey alphabet. It’s kind of sad having them come to an end ;-(

Please, if you stitch any of these letters, send me a picture – I’ll happily post it!

Without further ado – The Monkey Alphabet – W X Y Z:

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