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PIF | January 25, 2009


I signed up for a PIF (Pay It Forward)on Sandra’s blog, Painting with Threads, and in accordance with her rules, I’m announcing my own PIF.  Sandra is doing two PIFs, so she will be sending to six people.

“Rules are that I will do a handmade gift for the first six people to leave a comment on this entry saying they want to be a part of it (I’ll do three for each PIF joined, that’s how it works) . They will be sent within the next 365 days after joining. In return, the same offering has to be done by the people who join, make three gifts to give as PIF’s.”

So I’ll be sending PIF’s over the next year to three people.  I’ll keep sign-ups open until 28 February I get at least three, and randomly draw three names from all leaving a comment on this post (if there are more than 3).  In your comment, please include your favorite colors and / or themes (so I can make something for you that you’ll like – lol!).
The three selected agree to post the same offer on their blogs and to fulfill their own PIFs (if you don’t have a blog – I’ll happily host your PIF on one of mine – just let me know!)

Come and join the fun!


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