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Ornament Finishes I | April 27, 2009

Plastic Frame Ornament

One of the simplest finishes has to be using a plastic ornament frame.  These come in all types of finishes, from simple colors to metallic finishes.  Some have a clear plastic inlay, but I never use those – there isn’t enough room to put spacers between it and my stitching, and I worry that, over time, the stitching will get damaged.  I have purchased lots of them from Ebay – it’s a convenient source all year long.  Craft stores generally only carry them during the holiday season.

1. Some frames come with a pre-cut backing piece, if not, cut one (from foam board or acid free cardboard) to fit your frame.plastic-frame-101
2. Trim your stitching to fit the backing.  Use a narrow bead of clue just around the very edge.plastic-frame-102
3. Place in frame and run a bead of glue around the edge to secure in place (or else you may constantly be replacing it – they tend to pop out!)plastic-frame-103
4. Ta-Da!plastic-frame-104

Of course, you can embellish the frame – use glitter, ribbon, lace, sequins, tiny buttons or charms.
And don’t overlook other re-purposed items for frames.  I have some ornaments done years ago framed in wooden drapery rings (packed up at the moment, so no pics :-(.

And I like to use canning jar lids for a country look.plastic-frame-106plastic-frame-1045-santa-ornie

What is the most unusual ornament frame you have seen?


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  1. just found your website its great I love it

    Comment by annie — July 31, 2009 @ 2:25 pm

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