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Snowman Love Part 2

July 31, 2009
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I’ve not made the progress on this that I had wanted to – I still have the facial features to backstitch and the specialty stitches to go.

Snowman Love w bs2

Can you see the tiny white French knots in the eyes?  When I took painting classes, we were always told that a touch of white in the pupils adds life to a painting.  Do you think the principle transfers to cross-stitch?  I do think the backstitching is critical in this design.  Compare the pic above with this one:

Snowman Love wo bs

I have been busy with other things – chronicled tonight on Nita’s Notes.

Next update will be the final backstitching, specialty stitches, the finishing and then I’ll publish my chart – as a freebie, natch.

So, what do you think thus far?


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Snowman Love Part 1

July 19, 2009

I thought I might share the steps I took in developing an original cross stitch chart from start to finish.
I’ve mentioned before that I have PC Stitch Pro, so these notes refer to steps I took with that program.

First – the idea. Here’s a scan of the pencil sketch I made.

Snowman Love 1

A little faint in the scan, so I took a fine tip marker and darkened it some.

Snowman Love 2

I knew I was going to use 14 count aida, and that I wanted an ornament about 3 inches tall, so I used my photoshop software to reduce the scan to 3 inches tall. That made it about 3 ¾ inches wide.

In PC Stitch, I open a blank chart and set my dimensions. Then I underlayed the scan of my sketch.

Snowman Love 3-1

After a little playing around with backstitch lines (I used 321 Red so that I could clearly see my underlayed sketch), I had a workable outline.

Snowman Love 3-2

Clear the underlay and change the outline to black, and I’m ready to start adding color.

Snowman Love A

First the white.

Snowman Love B

Hmm, needs a little shading to define the areas.

Snowman Love C

I don’t like to do ¼ or ¾ stitches on aida, so I’m only using full cross stitches.

Snowman Love D

I love yellow and turquoise together.

Snowman Love E

I like those two colors – now I need some punch.

Snowman Love F

Red and green are good christmas colors.

Snowman Love G

My little snowman is blushing!

Snowman Love H

If possible, I like to use the same color in a couple of different areas.

Snowman Love I

Orange carrot noses, check!

Snowman Love J

Black hat and charcoal eyes.

Snowman Love K

A little highlighting and finishing touches.

Snowman Love L

And here’s my stitching thus far.

Snowman Love wo bs

Next time – backstitching, french knots, some specialty stitches and the finishing.

So, what do you think thus far?

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