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January 25, 2009
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I signed up for a PIF (Pay It Forward)on Sandra’s blog, Painting with Threads, and in accordance with her rules, I’m announcing my own PIF.  Sandra is doing two PIFs, so she will be sending to six people.

“Rules are that I will do a handmade gift for the first six people to leave a comment on this entry saying they want to be a part of it (I’ll do three for each PIF joined, that’s how it works) . They will be sent within the next 365 days after joining. In return, the same offering has to be done by the people who join, make three gifts to give as PIF’s.”

So I’ll be sending PIF’s over the next year to three people.  I’ll keep sign-ups open until 28 February I get at least three, and randomly draw three names from all leaving a comment on this post (if there are more than 3).  In your comment, please include your favorite colors and / or themes (so I can make something for you that you’ll like – lol!).
The three selected agree to post the same offer on their blogs and to fulfill their own PIFs (if you don’t have a blog – I’ll happily host your PIF on one of mine – just let me know!)

Come and join the fun!


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Home Made Gifts

December 2, 2008

This was inspired by Sandra, and after asking her permission, I worked up this chart:

Home Made Gifts
Home Made Gifts

Thanks, Sandra!

I had hoped to get this stitched before publishing – but it’s not to be – eye surgery is seriously messing with my stitching time.  So, if you are inspired to stitch, please send me a pic – pretty please with sugar on top.
  BTW, my daughter’s comments were fun: “What did you do to my hair?!” and “We’re all grown now – no one would want us!”
Up next – some ornament finishing ideas – thanks to Annie Bebop for reminding me.
Bye for now.

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Don’t Want to Disappoint!

October 18, 2008
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You asked for the charts – but your email addy bounced – can you send it to me again?

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Monkey Scissor Fob

October 17, 2008

Recently stitched for an exchange on the EMS Cross Stitch Board

I added a beach scene to the Monkey S and finished as a scissor fob.  I thought it turned out well.

Finishing was simple:  I stitched a backstitch border all around the square, and made a matching back piece out of the same fabric.  Whipstitch the two pieces together, stuffing in a little fiberfill before I finished the last side.  Then I tacked the ribbon and bow to the center top with a few small stitches.

Here’s the chart I made.  Enjoy!

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Freebie Link

August 1, 2008
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If you haven’t checked out Club Point de Croix get over there soon!  It’s a great source of free patterns (each day a new freebie is posted, and it remains free for five days!), as well as patterns for which you must earn points (points are easy to come by).  I stopped in today, and highly recommend  Le p’tit sac  (there are three more adorable animals in the chart) and Oursons marins.  You can click on the link in the right hand column, or if you prefer the page translated to English, click here: Club Point de Croix.

OK – I know this is not a finishing idea – but they have great charts, and you’ve got to stitch something before you can finish it, right?

Please let me know what you think of this site.  Thanks!

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One Last Hurrah from the Monkeys

July 15, 2008

It occurs to me that some might like the entire Monkey Alphabet in a PC Stitch file.

Or that some might like just the monkeys in a PC Stitch file so they can use them on their own alphabet or perhaps in another setting (the observant may have noted that there were 26 different monkeys – the differences might have been small, but each was different!).

So, for a short time (I haven’t decided yet for how long), leave a comment telling me which you would like – the alphabet, just the monkeys, or both – and I will email the PC Stitch Standard file(s) to you. All the usual legal copy write stuff – please acknowledge my work, don’t post the patterns elsewhere (direct your friends to this site, please, so they can get their own copy), or claim them as your own. You may stitch the monkeys for yourself, for gifts, or charitable works, but if you want to sell a stitched piece containing them, please ask my permission (I’m pretty easy-going, but I value politeness – lol!) And if you do stitch one or more – I’d love a picture!

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It’s the end of the Monkeys :-( W X Y Z

July 5, 2008
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Here are the last letters for the monkey alphabet. It’s kind of sad having them come to an end ;-(

Please, if you stitch any of these letters, send me a picture – I’ll happily post it!

Without further ado – The Monkey Alphabet – W X Y Z:

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Almost Done – The Monkeys are Winding Down – S T U V

June 29, 2008
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The end is in sight – here are four more monkey letters!

BTW, the slight delay in posting this week is because I have been caring for my MIL following her total knee replacement.   The surgery went well, but she went home too early (her choice) and didn’t tell us she had no one to come stay with her during her at-home convalescence. She ended up hospitalized again with pneumonia.  She’s an 83-year-old in generally good health, but stubborn does not begin to describe her!  DH and I practically kidnapped her when she was released on the 24th, so that we can help her get back on her feet.  We hope to have her back in her own home shortly.  We take her to the doctor’s tomorrow for an x-ray to check on her recovery from pneumonia and to her surgeon later in the week to have her knee checked, and then we will see.  Do pray for all of us, please!

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M N O P Q R Hey, Hey It’s the Monkeys

June 20, 2008
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Are you old enough that this title means something to you? Yeah, me too – lol!

It’s bonus week – six letters for the price of four (and you can’t beat the price!)


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Removable Cushion Cover

June 15, 2008
For my dear floss-daughter’s new baby, I wanted to make a special gift. 
I apologize in advance for the poor quality on some of the pictures – I had difficulty eliminating the glare with the white on white backing fabric.
Step 1: Cross stitch your design. Try to leave enough un-worked border for your seams (if you haven’t , there is a solution, to be covered in another article). 
Step 2Step 2: Iron lightweight interfacing to the wrong side of your stitched work. This helps protect the back, and also serves to anchor the threads.
Step 3Step 3: For the back, select a complimentary piece of fabric. I chose a white on white design to compliment the DMC B5200 on 28 count natural linen. Cut it to the same width as your stitched piece.
Step 4Step 4: You will need two pieces for the back – each as wide as your stitched piece and 4″ longer than half the height.
Step 5Step 5: Iron lightweight interfacing to the wrong side of each backing piece. Fold under two inches on each piece at the long side (these will overlap in the middle of your cushion).
Step 6Step 6: Work buttonholes near the folded edge on one piece of fabric.
Step 7Step 7: If you want to add lace, pin the lace to the front stitched piece, along the seam line,  right sides together. (BTW, at first I was going to publish this prior to sending it off – hence “hiding” the design.)
Step 8Step 8: Match the back pieces to the front stitched piece, right sides together, overlapping centers. Make sure the piece with buttonholes is under the overlap of the second piece.
Step 9: Sew along seam allowances (I use ¼ inch) on all four sides of your cushion. Re-sew 1-2 inches at each corner for strength. Trim the corners close to stitching.
Step 10: Turn to right side, pushing out corners with a knitting needle.
Step 11Step 11: Mark placement of buttons with a pencil through the buttonholes.
Step 12Step 12: Sew on buttons.
Step 13Step 13: If, like me, your cushion is an odd size – make a simple stuffed pillow to fit. Stuff it into your cushion cover.
Step 14Step 14: Button the back to secure.
Step 15Step 15: Display!

Questions?  Please do not hesitate to ask!




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